Olive Oil from Corsica

Huile d'olive corse
Balagne is a region of Corsica whose history is intimately linked with that of the olive tree. It has been covered with them since Roman times The Genoese started plantations by grafting in the C17th (La Coltivazione). Today the remaining trees are several centuries old. They were spared by severe frosts only to be destroyed for the most part in the disastrous fires of the second half of the C20th.

In the last few years plantations in Balagne have been laid out and managed using a more rational and in principle more efficient approach:  access for agricultural machinery, irrigation, fertilization, pruning and care throughout the year. Olive farming despite this remains very small scale and is the work of people passionate about these marvellous trees that have little chance of finding an economic valorisation.

The oil that was made here up to about ten years ago came from olives collected in nets spread under the trees until May. The olives were very ripe and the oil was characterised by its sweetness but at the same time it had a strong acidity and was poor in active ingredients.


We now harvest the olives quicker when they are mature in December and January in conformity with the specifications of our Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC). The oil remains sweet but it has also developed certain “greenness” and thus richness in molecules essential for a healthier life (polyphenols, antioxidants, peroxides, etc.).

We are proud to offer an oil that has all the qualities of a perfectly traditional product. It has an exceptional taste and provides elements essential for the consumer’s health.